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Blessing Dinner

Dear Father or Guardian of Graduate:


The Student Ministry, in conjunction with FBCO’s Men’s Ministry, would like for our graduating seniors to take part in “The Blessing”. Throughout Scripture, fathers “blessed” their children before sending them out into the world. They prayed over them, affirmed them, and gave them approval.


This is a time for the father of the student, or a male Christian role model, to sit down with their graduate and tell them what a blessing they are to their family and to God’s family.  Every young woman wants to know “Am I beautiful, am I valuable…?” Every young man wants to know “Do I have what it takes…?” Fathers and godly male role models are the primary source of the answers to these questions. What the person offering the blessing says and does on this night will make a huge impact on the young adult for their entire life.


The individual offering the blessing will probably want to prepare what to say in advance because it can be an emotional time for everyone. You may even want to bring up your favorite memories, but most of all, tell them that you believe in them and have confidence in them. Also, this is a good time to remind them of the gifts Jesus has given them and to exhort them to go out and use them for His glory.


A nice dinner will be provided for you to enjoy. Nice, casual dress will be appropriate attire for the evening. We will host The Blessing dinner on Tuesday, May 9 at 6:30pm in The Well.
We will eat dinner with everyone together in The Well, then split guys and girls to take part in the actual “blessing” time. Please RSVP by emailing our Student Ministry staff ( no later than Sunday, May 7.
Please include any special dietary restrictions you or your graduate might have.


There will be an informational meeting on Sunday, April 30, at 5:30pm in the Senior Suite (big room above The Well). They will give additional details about the event and answer any questions you might have. Please contact Tim at 334-850-8448, or the Student Ministry Staff if you have any questions about this event. We know that God will bless you richly on this evening.

If you cannot attend, we strongly urge you to give your graduate your “blessing.” 
Plan your own special evening just for them.

God Bless!


Spencer Helm, Student Pastor

Tim Crowley, Men’s Ministry

Art Owsley, Men’s Ministry

FBCO Student Ministry Staff

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